Productive Learning in Lithuania (ESF)

From March 2012 to August 2014, IPLE ushered  the introduction of Productive Learning at three schools in Lithuania in a cooperation project with the Ministry of Education in Lithuania.

Under the title „Produktyvusis mokymasis“ (Productive Learning), the following schools set out to establish Productive Learning as a form of education particular to their schools and to develop a customised approach:

  • Kauno Rokų vidurinė mokykla (Kaunas Rokai Community Secondary School, Kaunas).
  • Participating educators: Vanda Mažeikienė, Asta Karlienė
  • Panevėžio rajono Paįstrio Juozo Zikaro vidurinė mokykla (Panevėžys District Pajstrys Secondary School, Panevėžys)
  • Participating educators: Vaclovas Krikščiūnas, Rasa Urbonavičienė
  • Kėdainių Jaunimo Mokykla (Kédainiai Youth School, Kédainiai).
  • Participating educators: Violeta Ramanauskaitė, Laura Paulauskienė

At each school, a learning group was opened with 10 to 15 participants. Depending on the school, the participants studied 1.5 to 3 days in their practicum environment  and 2 to 3.5 days in school. As early as six months after the start of Productive Learning at the sites, the educators reported positive  and sometimes unforeseen beneficial results in the young people.

The six educators involved were qualified by the two-year advanced training program of the IPLE Productive Learning in Europe accompanying the project. The additional  training concluded with a certificate and comprised:

  • 12 two-day training seminars in Lithuania
  • three separate three-day training seminars in Germany
  • 12 school-related location specific training seminars in Lithuania
  • a two-year distance learning consisting of 12 study letters
  • 14-daily online follow-up consultations of the ESC.

In addition, the educators were accompanied by the Education Supply Centre (ESC) of the Ministry of Education in Lithuania. The support included further training, translation work, a comprehensive project evaluation and dissemination.

The project ended on August 30, 2014.