"Obstacles on our path
make us move forward "

(Albert Camus)


We are teachers, specialists in the field of educational science, professional educators, psychologists, and experts in the humanities and social sciences.

We have the experience and the know-how in educational work with young people and adults.

We are competent in mentoring, training, research and evaluation.

We are an expert team in project development, administration, and funding acquisition.

Our specific areas of staff expertise and self-development are, for example, methods in school and adult education, theme-centred interaction, supervision, media education and solution-oriented counselling.

We are passionate about school innovation through Productive Learning.


Institute Management

Heike Borkenhagen

Holger Mirow

Research Staff

Friederike Bliss

Daniel Guzmán

Antje Karras

Conny Miksch

Administrative Staff

Viola Paeschke

Thomas Pruchnik