Productive Learning in Schleswig-Holstein


The Comenius-Schule in Quickborn has been offering Productive Learning to pupils from year 8 onwards since the start of the school year 2010/11. The Gemeinschaftsschule am Lehmwohld in Itzehoe also established a PL–learning group in 2012/13. Both projects are monitored by the Institute for Productive Learning in Europe (IPLE).

These educational programmes combine learning outside of school at places of practice - which are independently chosen by pupils – with subject-related learning in school. Successful pupils gain a school-leaving certificate at the end of year 9 in the first instance. The pupils’ transition from education to employment is very much facilitated by combining general education with practical work.

The first pupils who gained a Productive Learning certificate in the summer of 2012 at the Comenius School achieved results which were in line with our positive experiences in other federal states: out of ten pupils, nine were able to complete grade 9 successfully (Hauptschulabschluss), and six of them started apprenticeships instantly. Furthermore, a number of other schools in Schleswig-Holstein have since raised an interest in Productive Learning.

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Pupils and parents who are interested in Productive Learning at Quickborn and Itzehoe are invited to contact both schools directly:

Comenius-Schule Quickborn, Am Freibad 3-11, 25451 Quickborn
Tel: 04106 - 625 35-0, Fax: 04106 - 625 35-22, 
Email: comenius-schule.quickborn(at)schule.landsh.de
Website: http://www.csquickborn.de/pl

Gemeinschaftsschule am Lehmwohld, Am Lehmwohld 43, 25524 Itzehoe
Tel: 04821 / 75023, Fax: 04821 / 717469,
Email: gems_al(at)gmx.de
Website: http://gemeinschaftsschule-am-lehmwohld.lernnetz.de

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