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Productive Learning in Saxony


In summer 2008, the Free State of Saxony decided to carry out a five-year long Productive Learning pilot project. An important objective of the Saxon Ministry of Culture is to reduce the number of pupils who leave school without formal qualifications. Furthermore, Productive Learning is to pave the way for the transition from school to vocational training by connecting general education with individual vocational orientation, thus making a positive contribution to the development of sound prospects for life after school.
This is of enormous significance for the development of the regional economy. The successful relocation of big enterprises to Saxony, as well as the rising number of firms in the region results in an increasing demand for skilled employees. However, the demographic reality, and its not very encouraging prospect for the future, will make it impossible to meet this increasing demand through the current regional skilled workforce.

Preparations were made throughout the school year 2008/09 for the introduction of Productive Learning. At the start of the school year 2009/10, PL- learning groups of approximately 20 year-8 pupils each were established in seven schools (Oberschulen) in Saxony (cf. list of participating schools below). More than 80% of these pupils successfully completed the class curriculum for this level.

Starting with school year 2013/14 one more school in Leipzig has established Productive Learning.


Project Overview:


01.08.2008 to 31.07.2014

Target group:

Educational Programme for grades 8 and 9.

Pupils whose learning is not sufficiently facilitated by the conventional school curriculum, regardless of whether they successfully completed grade 7 or not.


Advice for participating schools.

Training of participating teachers (3 years) so that they become Productive Learning educators.

Self-evaluation of participating schools, general and comprehensive evaluation by the IPLE.

Training of qualified Productive Learning educators (2 years) so that they become Productive Learning project mentors.

External project evaluation.


Further Information:

Participating Schools:

Oberschule "Am Stadtrand", Hoyerswerda
Am Stadtrand 2, 02977 Hoyerswerda
PL-Tel.: 035 71-60 15 72
"Palitzsch-Oberschule", 121. Oberschule Dresden
PL im Höckendorfer Weg 2, 01189 Dresden
PL-Tel.: 0351-26 74 54 92
Dr.-Christian-Hufeland-Oberschule Plauen
PL in Friedrich-Engels-Straße 1, 08523 Plauen
PL-Tel.: 03741-14 79 28
Georg-Schumann-Schule, Oberschule der Stadt Leipzig
Glockenstr. 6, 04103 Leipzig
PL-Tel.: 0341-26 17 77 47
PL in Philippstraße 20, 09130 Chemnitz
PL-Tel.: 0371-495 25 52
Helmholtzschule, Oberschule der Stadt Leipzig
Helmholtzstr. 13, 04177 Leipzig
PL-Tel.: 0341-486 77 43
G. E. Lessing-Oberschule Freital-Pottschappel
PL in Grundschule "Am Albertschacht", Zur Quäne 11, 01705 Freital
PL-Tel.: 03 51-65 85 02 35
Oberschule "Am Holländer" Döbeln
Bayrische Str. 10, 04720 Döbeln
PL-Tel.: 01577-187 87 35


Productive Learning is sponsored by the Free State of Saxony and the European Social Fund.

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