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Jan 21

The Administration Council of the International Network of Productive Learning Projects and Schools (INEPS) invites all members and partners to a

video conference on February 18 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The event enables an exchange about experiences, challenges and strategies in dealing with the pandemic in productive learning.

You can find the invitation with information on registration and participation here.


Jan 20

The 31st INEPS-Congress "Productive Learning - an Answer to the Educational Challenges of 2020?" had to be postponed!

10th to 14th of May 2020 in Vilafranca del Penedès

--> 1st Announcement

Bildquelle: https://ca.wikipedia.org

Apr 18

16th-20th April 2018:

30th INEPS-Congress "Productive Learning - facilitating the transition to the world of work" in Leipzig, Germany

~ invitation (pdf)

Apr 17

24th-28th April 2017:

29th INEPS-Congress
"Productive Learning as a means to prevent early school leaving"
in Burgas, Bulgaria

~ invitation (pdf)
~ registration (pdf)

Photo: Wikipedia

Feb 17

INEPS Youth-Congress: 27th of February to 4th of March in Paris, France

~ Invitation with more information
~ Contact: sabah.lameche@ac-creteil.fr

Apr 16

26th-29th April 2016:
28th INEPS-Congress in Tampere, Finland: "Bright education for all - acitvating and practical methods throughout the learning path"

~ Find more information at: www.inepscongress2016.fi

Apr 15

12th-16th April 2015:
27th INEPS Congress in Hilversum, Netherlands: "The pedagogical concept of Productive Learning: In dialogue with students, parents and companies"
2nd announcement

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Nov 14

At 4th of November a group of school inspectors from South-Korea visited the IPLE and Productive Learning at Schule am Schillerpark to get information about history, theory and concept of Productive Learning. In the school they saw presentations of the students and spoke to teachers and students of Productive Learning.

Okt 14 The project PROVED (Productive Learning in Vocational Education) is a two years project in behalf of Erasmus+, which will be performed in Finland, Germany, Greece and Lithuania. The kick-off meeting is 15th-17th October in IPLE in Berlin, Germany.
--> more information
Apr 14

26th - 30th of April 2014: 26th INEPS-Congress in Berlin: “Students in focus – Individual education in Productive Learning” - you can download the documentation here:

Sep 13 16th - 20th of September 2013: International Comenius IPLE-Seminar "Productive Learning in general education" in Berlin: Introduction onto the theory and methodology of Productive Learning and "tools" to implement PL in ones own project and country in the frame of general education.
--> For more information see Grundtvig Training Database - "DE-2013-1254-002".
Nov 12

5th - 9th of November 2012: 24th International IPLE-Seminar "Reflective Learning - Development of Competencies: How to work with a Portfolio in Productive Learning" in Rostock, Germany.
--> Report

Sep 12 New publication: Institut für Produktives Lernen in Europa (Hrsg.): "Produktives Lernen - Schulinnovation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern", 2012, ISBN 978-3-00-03445-4
--> More information
May 12

6th - 10th of May 2012: INEPS-Congress "Productive Learning - Another Way of Thinking" in Vilnius, Lithuania
--> Have a look at the photo gallery!