IPLE´s International Seminars

International Seminars for Productive Learning Educators

Since the start of Productive Learning in Berlin Schools (PLEBS) in 1996, INEPS Congresses have been supplemented by IPLE´s International Seminars. They are, like the INEPS congresses, part of the further education programme of the IPLE. These seminars enable communication about and a deeper understanding of topics that are relevant for the methodology of Productive Learning. The small numbers of participants afford the opportunity to qualify the educators who themselves are involved in the preparation of the seminars. Further information about these seminars can be found in the list of our publications.

09/2014 22.-26.09.2014: Internationales Comenius IPLE-Seminar “Productive Learning – an inclusive approach to learning”.



16.-20.09.2013: International Comenius IPLE-Seminar "Productive Learning in general education" in Berlin: Introduction onto the theory and methodology of Productive Learning and "tools" to implement PL in ones own project and country in the frame of general education.
03/2013 11.-15.03.2013: International Comenius-Grundtvig IPLE-Seminar "Productive Learning in general education" in Berlin: Introduction into the theory and methodology of Productive Learning and "tools" to implement PL in ones own project and country in the frame of general education.
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05.-09.11.2012: International IPLE-Seminar "Reflective Learning - Development of Competencies: How to work with a Portfolio in Productive Learning" in Rostock

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Rostock 2012-2Rostock 2012-1


23rd Seminar in Berlin, Germany: "Productive Learning - challenges für educators in daily work"

International seminar and symposium in Berlin!
34 participants from 11 different countries participated in IPLEs international seminar “Productive Learning - Challenges for educators in our day-to-day work”, which took place between 1st and 5th November in Berlin.

The international symposium “Looking back – looking forward, Productive Learning within the framework of international educational development” took place on 4th November. Approximately 100 guests from 16 different countries came together to reflect on the development of Productive Learning in different countries and to explore new ideas for the future.

Documentation of the International Seminar:

Documentation of the International Symposium:

10/2010 22nd Seminar in Creteil/Paris, France: "Productive Learning as International Learning - activity based learning projects in a foreign country"
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10/2009 21st Seminar in Hilversum, Netherlands: Productive Learning - How to get back young people to learning
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11/2008 20th Seminar in Vilafranca, Spain: Productive Learning – a new educational approach, new methods, a new role for teachers
01/2008 19th Seminar in Hilversum, Netherlands: Productive Learning - a new Approach to individual Vocational Orientation
09/2006 18th Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden: Productive Learning - How to Bring Together School Learning and Work Experience
09/2005 17th Seminar in Bourgas, Hungary: Productive Learning, A Bridge From School To Life
11/2004 16th Seminar in Heinola and Helsinki, Finland: Productive Learning - The New Role and Competencies of PL - Educators
10/2003 15th Seminar in Berlin, Germany: Productive Learning - its Methods in Practice and in Theory
10/2002 14th Seminar in Milan, Italy: Productive Learning - a Method to Fulfill the Educational Needs of Youth in Europe and the USA
10/2001 13th Seminar in Vilafranca, Spain: How to Introduce Productive Learning into the School System
10/2000 12th Seminar in Pécs, Hungary: How to Develop Individual Curricula in
Productive Learning
02/2000 11th Seminar in St. Petersbourg, Russia: Productive Learning - Productive Thinking - Using Computers
10/1999 10th Seminar in Peniche, Portugal: How to Become a Productive Learning Educator
03/1999 9th Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden: Bringing Together Productive Learning
and School Learning
10/1998 8th Seminar in Sitges, Spain: How to Create School Firms and Youth Enterprises
01/1998 7th Seminar in Paris, France"Histoire de Vie" and "Arbre des Connaissances" - Two Methods for Supporting Personal Growth Through Productive Learning
10/1997 6th Seminar in Berlin, Germany: Ecology and Productive Learning
05/1997 5th Seminar in Funchal, Portugal: Individual Devolopment and Personal
Growth Through Productive Learning
02/1997 4th Seminar in Vilafranca, Spain: Evaluation of Productive Learning
10/1996 3rd Seminar in Liverpool, Great Britain: Productive Learning through
international Exchanging
06/1996 2nd Seminar in Kuopio, Finland: The Learnshop-A new Methodical
Approach to Productive Learning
02/1996 1st Seminar in Berlin, Germany: Individual Educationel Counselling and
Group Work in Productive Learning