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INEPS Congresses


Congresses of the International Network of Productive Schools (INEPS)

The IPLE supports the international development of Productive Learning and promotes the networking of Productive Learning projects within the International Network of Productive Schools (INEPS). The INEPS network began setting up its international congresses in 1990 which developed further the organisation of the network and which stabilised the integration of participating partner institutions. The INEPS congresses are central events of the network. Their purpose is to enable annual meetings of INEPS members so that they can exchange information, evaluate and plan activities within Productive Learning internationally. The changing congress locations make it possible to know the work of a particular partner project and gives impulses for its development.

The congresses have proved to be a location for educational innovation which attracts new and interested people and which is important for securing and increasing the quality of Productive Learning as well as for establishing of personal contacts between the INEPS educators.


INEPS congresses up until now:

26.-30.04.2014:26th INEPS-Congress “Students in focus – Individual education in Productive Learning in Berlin. You can download the documentation in different resolutions:

--> Documentation - low (pdf, 1,8 MB)
--> Documentation - medium (pdf, 4 MB)
--> Documentation - high (pdf, 13,8 MB)

06.-10.04.2013: 25th INEPS-Congress "Educating for the 21st Century. Connecting School and Community through Experiential Learning" in City-as-School, New York
--> Announcement and Conference Brochure

06.-10.05.2012: INEPS-Congress "Productive Learning - Another Way of Thinking" in Vilnius, Litauen
--> Have a look at the congress report and photo gallery!


30.04.-05.05.2011, Patras (Griechenland): 23. INEPS-Kongress: “The holistic approach and multiprofessional collaboration in Productive Learning. Has prevention from addictive substances and behaviors a supportive role to it?”
01.-06.05.2010, Bukarest (Rumänien): 22. INEPS-Kongress “Building bridges over troubled waters – Productive Learning improving general skills needed in personal and working life”
03.-08.05.2009, Helsinki (Finnland): INEPS' 21st Congress "Exploring innovative environments for Productive Learning" - Dokumentation
21.-26.04.2008, Burgas (Bulgarien): 20. INEPS-Kongress "Individual Vocational Orientation in Productive Learning" - Dokumentation
04/2007, Pécs (Ungarn): 19. INEPS-Kongress "Inclusive Education and Productive Learning"
05/2006, Wernigerode: 18. INEPS-Kongress "Productive Learning: an Educational Approach for Everybody?"
05/2005, Moskau (Russland): 17. INEPS-Kongress "Democratisation of Education - Participation as a Motor of Developing Democracy"
05/2004, Vilafranca (Katalonien/Spanien): 16. INEPS-Kongress "Productive Learning for a Better Cultural Understanding"
05/2003, Hämeenlinna (Finnland): 15. INEPS-Kongress "Providing Equal Opportunities for Disadvantaged Young People"
05/2002, Patras (Griechenland): 14. INEPS-Kongress "The Interaction between Community Education and Productive Learning"
05/2001, New York (USA): 13. INEPS-Kongress "Providing Diverse Educational Alternatives in a Multicultural Community"
05/2000, Stockholm (Schweden): 12. INEPS-Kongress "Opening up the World for Disadvantaged Young People"
05/1999, Berlin: 11. INEPS-Kongress "Productive Learning: a Common Future of Education and Economy"
05/1998, Krakau (Polen): 10. INEPS-Kongress "Productive Learning: From Alternative to Mainstream Education"
05/1997, Funchal/Madeira (Portugal): 9. INEPS-Kongress "Individual Development and Personal Growth through Productive Learning"
05/1996, Kuopio (Finnland): 8. INEPS-Kongress "What Co-operation We Have Together"
05/1995, New York (USA): 7. INEPS-Kongress "Learning for the 21th Century. International Educators Conference"
1994, Paris (Frankreich): 6. INEPS-Kongress "A Productive Educational Policy for the Youth of Europe"
06/1993, St. Petersburg (Russland): 5. INEPS-Kongress "Developing Productive Learning"
05/1992, Vilafranca (Spanien): 4. INEPS-Kongress "Productive Learning: What Is It? What Could It Be?"
10/1991, Pécs (Ungarn): 3. INEPS-Kongress "Productive Learning and Enviroment"
05/1991, Peniche (Portugal): 2. INEPS-Kongress "How to become a Productive School"
11/1990, Arezzo (Italien): 1. INEPS-Kongress "International Network of Productive Schools in Europe"